Rare March Rainbow in Minnesota

April 01, 2016
Rainbow, Southern Minnesota, 2016Rainbow, Southern Minnesota, 2016


Hi everyone, 

I'm currently working on a climate project in Minnesota. Last night I was in Houston County (far southeastern MN) when, all of a sudden, the sun peaked through a deck of clouds that had been producing rain for more than 24 hours. You know what that means. Rain + sun = rainbow and WHAT a rainbow. It's still winter in the Land of 10,000 Lakes, but recently we've had more thunder and lightning than snow. The warm sunlight against a sapphire-colored sky, along with long shadows, and the bow made for a truly inspiring view and photo-op. Rainbows are such a spectacular part of nature and the atmosphere.  


P.S. Look closely and you'll  see a partial double to the right of the main bow. 


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