"These are the images that demonstrate the heart of weather's primal draw and hold the power to make weather fanatics out of even those of us whose first instinct is to run."

-The New York Times

"It's no exaggeration to call Jim Reed an artist of the sky. His compelling pictures are studies in shape, texture, color, and motion that capture nature's awesome power."

- American PHOTO

"Incredible images."

- The Today Show

"Jim Reed is a true visionary."

- Oprah Winfrey Network

"Just when you think you've seen just about every angle of a tornado, Jim Reed shows us pictures in ways we've never seen before." 

- Good Morning America

"You can spend hours looking over Jim Reed's portfolio of storm images which show passion, dedication, skill, and a lot of guts."

- Boston Globe

"Each image is like some oracle of Greek mythology: beautiful and seductive."

- Popular Photography

"Jim Reed is the Earnest Hemingway of weather photographers."

- Trey Ratcliff Variety Hour

"Jim Reed's photo of the Gulfport, Mississippi beach, just hours before Katrina roared ashore, is a masterpiece."

- The Times-Picayune

"As Reed watches the sky develop, he looks for striking colors and unusual shapes that are the hallmark of his images."